A State of Mind

Thomas More’s book states Utopia as an ideal society. We all know that the even the entomology of the very Greek word means “no place.” As much as we would like to believe otherwise, there is no ideal society.

In a world with Brexit, a president who wants to build all kinds of walls, financial mayhem in another piece land whose northern boundaries see death of soldiers throughout the year, and sarin attacks on little children, all we care about is slimming down, dressing up and social media activism – well for the most part.

Not trying to generalise, but in this world of pseudo cynicism there are only two realities. First, utopia, which doesn’t exist except for in one’s mind. Second, Mr. Darwin was not wrong, theory of evolution is about the survival of a the fittest. And these two realities are inter related and inter dependent.

How many times a day do you simply wish. Wish you could leave work early. Wish you scored better in your exams. Wish you lost more weight.  Wish you had more money. Wish you were not betrayed in love. Or simply wish to have ice cream. Doesn’t matter what you wish for, all of it is for one thing – to be perfectly happy. And where do you get perfect happiness, no place! But nevertheless we incessantly try to reach this no place, this place called Utopia. And in an attempt to reach it we keep evolving, not just ourselves but our surroundings as well, be it a better looking shoe or a higher salaried job. And meanwhile we forget that both the job and the shoe is part of the same rat race – the race towards finding bliss. Ohh yes, I do it too.

You say change is the only constant! I say Utopia is the one constant!
Coleridge tried to build Utopia through Kubla Khan in Xanadu, and oh what a stately dome it was! But trust me each of us who read it envisions it differently. Do a simple search on Google images and you will know what I mean.

Kubla Khan’s pleasure some by aegindyad on DevianArt

Today political leaders are finding Utopia in power, business in money, and us mere mortals in time.

In a way, when we humans couldn’t find utopia, we created social media. Think about it, social media is our own little interpretation of utopia – a reflection of what we think makes us either happy or opinionize on what we think shouldn’t happen in our perfect society. The result is fascinating. Just think about it. And then think about how each of your social media handles reflect different versions of your Utopia.

Were you looking for a solution, in this article? Quite an ambition I must say! Well, there is no solution, cause like Thomas More said and I, a drop in the ocean, am reiterating, if it is a no place, then it doesn’t exist. And if it doesn’t exist, all you have is vast possibilities unbound by human imagination to create innumerable versions of it in their minds. Its a state of mind; a state with sans limits for each and everyone of us. And there are only 2 realities!


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  1. Mayank says:

    Well put junior 🙂


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