3 Zero and Happy Faces

We celebrate milestones. The first Teen Year. The last Teen Year. The 25. The 30. The big 40. And these are followed by customary questions, each time, every time, the best one being – how does it feel? To me it feels outstandingly amazing.

Before you turn 30 you get prepped by your loved ones, either in good humor (by those who are still far away from this number) or as words of wisdom (by those who are ready to meet you on the other side).

Life doesn’t change at all. You won’t wake up and feel different. Neither will you suddenly become the wisest human on the planet. No, nothing actually happens. It’s just a normal day. You wake and brush and get ready and go on with life as usual. Strange? Nope!

Even the people who prep you for it won’t treat you any different, take my word for it. No matter what, they will always be there whether you are 30 or 40 or 50.

My set: Part 1 (D – You surprised me at midnight before you left for your holiday, that says a lot!)
My Set: Part 2 (Thank you guys for flying in from India to surprise me – it was really a pleasure)

Nothing has changed!

I still make the same mistakes. I am still a late Kate (but am doing well for myself, though am not proud of this vice of mine). I still think exactly the same way I thought when I was 29. And guess what, my inherent qualities haven’t changed. And yet, my best friend still loves me; she is still mean to me and doesn’t give up a single chance of mocking me or making fun of me – but she is allowed to. In fact I think she believes it’s her birth right, and I don’t dare disagree on this. She hates when she has to wait for me on our weekly coffee dates and yet she still does! Nothing has changed, she is still my sunshine.


Nothing has changed!

Yes, you may say that the world expects you to behave differently when you turn 30. Well, that’s the world’s problem. Experience changes you, not age. Knowledge changes you, not age. Age just wears and tears your body, and there is a certain beauty about that too, and we should learn to accept that, but that’s for another blog post.

Its okay to grow old, that’s the natural course of things and the more we try to change that and look a certain way the more we mess it up (read botched botox). And anyway someone who loves you, will move the world for you, bring all the happiness to you, and most importantly make you feel loved. AND THAT’S WHAT MATTERS. PERIOD.

When HE makes it happen, when HE, who isn’t exactly a planner, plans surprises and more on your 30th, HE is the one that cares the most about you. This will put him over the moon, but its true that I am a luck late Kate! And even though he is not perfect, HE is my Imperfect Man. Ohh and yes, HE too lucked out. If it wasn’t for me HE wouldn’t be smiling so much, right?

#3Zero shopping, courtesy the Man! As if the surprises weren’t enough!
Extended #3Zero weekend outing!

Nothing has changed, but I did miss something – a few more of my favorites…

A little loved one knows what my favorite chocolate in the world is or the fact that I love stationary and have a thing for shoes, and no matter which corner of the world I am in or how angry I am with her she knows that when she turns around she will find me right there.

A brother, who is far far away in the other hemisphere, who always ensures that even when he is troubling me I am still smiling. Who ensures that I know that he cares. Who thinks that I don’t know that he looks over his shoulders to check if I am alright if he has moved a little ahead on a crowded street.

A grandmother, who will ensure that I know that she sends me blessings everyday. Her voice is the one thing that can make me smile even when I am crying.

A mother, who keeps saying that I don’t listen to what she says, and yes for the most part I don’t. But I would do anything, absolutely anything to put a smile on her pretty face even drive three hours to wish her a surprise happy anniversary at midnight (and of course get scolded after)

Two fathers, who speak so so little that its hard to know what they feel. But I know. They did do anything if I shed a single tear. We may not talk too much and when we do its only a couple of words from their end, and usually its the same response for everything, but the feelings they put behind those words are different each time. I can feel their concern and happiness increase every time, even if the responses are the same.

And finally, my three guiding stars, who I speak to everyday – you are my happiest faces shining bright in my darkest hour!





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