Unconditional Hope 

‘Up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky..’
Ever pondered on the layered life lessons of nursery rhymes? They were telling right from the start things like – “shine like a star” and “the sky is the limit.” My interpretation the sky is a limitless canvas for you imagination and dreams. 

To keep dreaming endlessly gives one hope. We hope to excel in academics – some do, some don’t. We hope to earn a good living – some do, some don’t. We hope to find true love – some do, some don’t. We build our homes on hope castles. We hope to keep looking like our twenty year old selves even at 75. But above all we forget to hope for the most important thing – being happy. Somewhere in our warped imaginations we have equated botox to being happy.

Argue, you may, that happiness is a state of mind, but so is everything else that we hope for – better grades, jobs, love, home. Simple example, you hope to find your one true love, you start looking around, meeting people in the hope that one day you will bump into that person you will find it, and when you do you nurture an insecurity and bury it deep. That Insecurity is somehow the anti-hero to your Hope; the insecurity of this love may not last forever for whatever reason, betrayal, difference of opinion, compatibility issues or worst of all mortality. Insecurity keeps you striving to keep your relationship fresh and strong each day – you may not realise it, but knock on your heart and insecurity will surely be watching you from the peephole. 

What all of us are truly hoping for is being happy and in that hope we have merged every ambition, every greed and every vanity of our beings in different forms and are working everyday to achieve them. 

I hoped too, for love, for satisfying job roles, for better incomes, for travels, do a home, for materialistic pleasures that resulted in shopping sprees.. and in the past few years I have achieved all of these. I know I will keep hoping for these again and again for years to come. My insecurities will keep fueling my hopes to be like the diamond in the sky. But I will add ‘Happy’ to this list, because its the one unconditional hope, without insecurities. Hoping to be happy doesn’t have any attachment, it is not a state of mind. It’s a state of being..  

I hope every year ends in me and my people being happy, and every 1st Jan starts in this happy state of being too.


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